Ready or Not…

June 28, 2011

Composting. Waste renewal and carbon restoration all in one.

This past week, I came across two items related to climate change that were just released—one being a report by the renowned NASA Climate scientist, James Hansen. The other being a petition issued by the Climate Ethics Campaign, forwarded to me by Sun People investor, Susanne Croft. Both reports are quite jarring in the unequivocal language used and both discuss an urgency that is already upon us—whether we are ready or not.

I have read Hansen’s reports before, but never have they had such immediacy. I have been working from the basis that we have about 10 years or so to turn things around. Not so, according to Hansen. The climate has already destabilized to such an extent that he now says the following:

“[W]ith 6% per year decrease of fossil fuel CO2 emissions [beginning in 2012]…[g]lobal temperature relative to the 1880-1920 mean would barely exceed 1°C and would remain above 1°C for only about 3 decades. …[Only] this scenario provides the prospect that young people, future generations, and other life on the planet would have a chance of residing in a world similar to the one in which civilization developed.”

Yikes, that is next year! All the more reason to sign the petition I mentioned above. The statement issued by the Climate Ethics Committee discusses, primarily, our moral obligation as human beings to deal with climate change—now. The Committee comprised of 27 people representing conservative and liberal organizations and constituencies across the nation hope, “to make clear to leaders at every level of society that when deciding if or how to respond to climate change we must acknowledge and act on our nation’s long held moral principles: to protect current and future generations from unjustifiable suffering and death, to act in a just and equitable manner, and to protect the Earth’s natural systems that support all life, including ours.”

Again, no mincing of words. They go on to say, “We call on everyone in the U.S. to act on their moral principles now by rapidly and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions in their homes, places of work and government.”

This is where Sun People comes in, it is why we exist and how we hope to help out. I would encourage everyone to read the statement and sign the petition. Let’s move toward building a sustainable economy and civilization for all of us.


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