Introducing Sunshine Dollars!

June 22, 2012

by Juliet

We are excited to launch Sunshine Dollars this month! Buy a $60 pack of Sunshine Dollars for only $45! Sunshine Dollars can be used towards any purchase(s) in the store, except consignment items, and they will never expire. That’s a 25% discount on anything you buy with them! Dollars will be available for purchase at the store starting mid-June and go into circulation starting November 1, 2012. While supplies last–don’t wait to get yours–they may be gone!
I got the idea for Sunshine Dollars from my recent attendance at the annual BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was energizing to meet with so many mission-driven businesses from around the country. Folks working hard to build their local economies and the sustainability of their communities.

The last day of the conference, I was able to attend a day-long tour of Detroit, its thriving urban agriculture scene and its burgeoning hipster, entrepreneurial businesses–all set against its miles and miles of urban abandonment and decay. The last commercial grocery store left Detroit in 2006! Detroit is truly an emblem of utter urban collapse, while also the promise of what a new economy, built on local businesses, sustainable practices and community, potentially, has in store for us all.

While there I spoke with Ann of Avalon Bakery, a triple-bottom line business, whose motto is “Eat Well. Do Good.” Ann was a business pioneer in the late 1990s. She and her partner, Jackie launched their bakery in the Cass Corridor section of Detroit just north of downtown–while not much was there–think East Sprague about 10 years ago. They were one of the first businesses to come back to downtown Detroit. They started it all by selling Bread Dough Dollars.  Ann was a wealth of information and I dedicate our Sunshine Dollars to Avalon Bakery!

To quote from their website, “Our vision of an Agri-Urban economy is beginning to come to life in the seeds of a new economy, based not on a declining industrial economy, but with sustainability and community at its core.”

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