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Our new neighbors, The Spokane Public Market!

by Kristi

I love the saying “you are what you eat”.  It’s true you know, every morsel and sip that passes our lips in some way becomes us.  I’m pretty sure I have red wine floating around in my cells not to mention a good amount of goat cheese. 

More of us are thinking about what we eat because of growing concerns about our health, the environment, local economies, ethical animal treatment, childhood obesity and diabetes – not to mention a growing cultural shift to eating tasty and real food for the simple pleasure it brings. 

When we choose a restaurant, grocery or farmer’s market, we’re voting with our dollars for the food we want and thus, what we will become when we make it part of us.  I have dreams of becoming a lovely and sophisticated woman with a French flair so I’ve been focusing on chocolate croissants lately…locally made, of course.

What I’m super excited about is that we are about to have another candidate on the ballot.  Slated to open at the end of May, the Spokane Public Market will provide us and visitors to our city with a year-round, indoor and outdoor public market.  Wednesday through Saturday the market will be bustling with local farmers, producers, artists and craftspeople who will provide fruits, vegetables, flowers, honey, meat, seafood, dairy, baked goods, music, crafts, art and much more.   What a wonderful opportunity to support our local economy, meet the folks who feed us, and provide a living wage to the producers of the things that make our lives better.  I can’t wait!

At Sun People Dry Goods Co, we talk about the market daily.  We talk to customers about it, we talk to each other about it, we bounce around with joy making plans to walk next door for a piece of yummy fruit for our mid-morning snack or to zip over after we close to pick up all the ingredients we need to make dinner.  We’re delighted to have the Spokane Public Market as a neighbor .  It’s an excellent complement to the mission of Sun People Dry Goods Co as we work to help people live more sustainable lives and support our local community. 

Say you pick up some local potatoes at the market…we have a potato ricer you can use to turn them into gnocchi!  Maybe you’re like me and are feeling inspired to do more canning and preserving.   Buy a big box of tomatoes from a local farmer and then visit us for everything you need to turn them into salsa, marinara and tomato sauce.  This time of year, as the snow accumulates, there’s nothing better than popping open a homemade jar of marinara and taking a deep breath of locally grown tomatoes, onions and garlic canned in my kitchen at their prime….it’s the smell of summer.  And my friends, I don’t know about you, but I could use a little summer right now.

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