Community Lending Library Launch!

August 11, 2012

We’re proud to announce the launch of our Community Lending Library! You can now borrow books and DVDs with an ecological or natural living theme donated from folks in the greater Spokane area.  It’s as simple as paying a one-time $5 registration fee, providing proof of identification and residency within Spokane County, signing a borrowing agreement, and then you can start borrowing! The one time fee can be waived in lieu of an approved book or DVD donation to the lending library.

Part of our mission here at Sun People is to enhance the greater community’s understanding and awareness around issues such as sustainable living, climate change and peak oil. By making so many more books and films available to our customers, at little to no cost, we’re hoping make these resources more accessible during these tough economic times.

The concept for the Community Lending Library was based on community stores that are prevalent in more rural settings, such as Nash’s Organic Produce Store in Sequim, WA and on the Little Free Library model ( that is popping up in neighborhoods around the country and in Spokane.

Building the know-how related to such skills as urban homesteading, organic urban farming, canning, and food preservation is so important at this time in history. Our aim is always to build an atmosphere of trust, from the way we research products and develop workshops, to services, such as the lending library that can help build a more resilient Spokane and true community.

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