Cheesemaking 101 Workshop

Saturday, March 16th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Cost: $35/person. Preregistration Required – only 20 spaces available. Register at the store or online.

Join Trish Vieira of Spokane Family Farms as she demonstrates how to make Greek style Yogurt and Mozzarella Cheese. This class will be an introduction to bacteriology. You will learn about the benefits of using good bacteria in food, and how this is supplied naturally when making yogurt. We will also introduce beginning cheesemaking and see how easy and economical it is to make fresh tasty mozzarella in only 30 minutes in your own kitchen. You will also learn about the nutritional importance and health benefits of good bacteria, versus the dangers of bad bacteria.

Trish Vieira – Growing up on the family farm in the Midwest, we were taught to be self-sufficient. With self sufficiency comes the education in all things food…growing, cooking, storing and preserving. When I left the Midwest for bigger and brighter things and ventured west, I had no idea how important my farm background would become. Today it seems most of our food has lost the “homegrown-ness” I experienced as a child, and along with it, the nutrition and understanding of what was ‘basic science’ for us. Sharing bits and pieces of my roots as a Midwestern farm girl, is a passion for me as I am determined to bring the farm back to the people where it belongs. In all of the disconnectedness between the farmer and the consumer, my husband and I started Spokane’s Family Farm…where we bring real milk to the people of Spokane and the surrounding areas. Our cow to cup operation provides healthy non homogenized milk with cream on top to customers and families who do not wish to own their own cow! Although our milk is lightly pasteurized, it is unadulterated and natural so that Greek Yogurt and cheese can be made in the home kitchen just like it was in the good ole days.

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