Our Mission

Sun People Dry Goods Company is a values-driven retail business encouraging effective change at the community level toward greater environmental lifestyle stewardship. By incorporating innovative products needed for the transition to a lower energy use society; sustainable design services for the home; progressive education opportunities, partnerships and training around green living and organic gardening—Sun People aims to be a thriving, socially responsible business leader in the region, creating jobs and empowering residents to do their part in leading a simpler, more ecological lifestyle.

How do you get people to live using less—less water, less energy, less waste?  That is the central vision behind Sun People.  Direct household energy use in the U.S. accounts for approximately 38% of nationwide CO2 emissions—that number increases to 67% when you account for other household decisions not directly related to energy.  A recent peer-reviewed paper suggests that in the absence of cap and trade legislation, creating a “behavioral wedge”  in homes and businesses related to energy use—can reduce emissions much more quickly and can “potentially help avoid ‘overshoot’ of greenhouse gas concentration targets,” in the interim.

At Sun People making this change is fun and easy. We aim to promote conservation, critique wastefulness, and facilitate the switch.  Living wisely is living sustainably.

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